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IBC 2017 - an x-dreamly successful show

When looking back to IBC 2017 we are very thankfully remembering 5 great days in Amsterdam with hundreds of excellent customer meetings. We've lauched our new SERVUS node multi-purpose software-only videoserver. We've shown our Carbon Importer plugIn which was launched just two month earlier.

Our customers from post-production houses, broadcasters and network operators proved our claim: find a way to save money, make our customers business more effective and be technically at least one step ahead.

IBC 2017. We, x-dream-team and partners, showed our latest versions and new products, solutions and integrations, such as our brand new news production and publishing solution.


x-dream partners: development
SIGNIANT (workflow engine, USA) and Medialooks (video playback, Russia)

x-dream products: product development
SERVUS node, ONE GUI, Multi Format Player, Ingest Browser and WFM - Workflow Orchestrator

x-dream integrations: end2end workflow solutions
production and publishing ecosystems made from best in breed products based on many years of experience

NEW product: SERVUS node - software-only videoserver
software-only videoserver, supports a very wide range of IO-Devices, IP Stream and File formats as inputs and outputs

  • SDI Live feed recording
  • Live stream recording
  • Multi-cam recording
  • Tape ingest
  • Studio playout/play-in
  • Stream playout
  • Graphic overlaying
  • Format conversion
  • Stream switching
  • link

NEW product: Universal Carbon Importer plugIn - extending the product life cycle
demuxing/decoding enhancement for Harmonic’s (Rhozet) „Carbon Coder"

  • additional video file formats
  • QT file import without QT Player
  • fixes various hang and crash bugs
  • video preview for additional formats
  • in/out points for additional formats
  • much faster demuxing/decoding
  • high quality for up and downscaling
  • link

Many thanks to all our visitors and partners to make IBC 2017 a tremendous show for us. Please get in contact with us for more detailed information or any other request. Your x-dream-team is just around the corner.

IBC 2017 Gallery

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Broadcast Asia 2017 - our debut in Asia

While we've had customers in New Zealand and Australia since quite some time the Asian market wasn't in our focus so far. This has changed now. We are extremely happy about our debut at Broadcast Asia. We are thankful for all the visitor that stopped by our booth. We've not expected such an interest. We are surprised about the quality and depth of the conversations we had. Thus we are very enthusiasic about the 3 days at Broadcast Asia.

We've selected the most interesting products and solutions from our portfolio that are targeting the segments post-production, news production, content aggregation, publishing and presentation.

Broadcast Asia 2017

In particular we've shown our Workflow System as well as our ONE GUI and our MXF Browser, Stitcher and Re-Muxer.

BCA 2017 Gallery

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CABSAT 2017 - our second show in the UAE

CabSat is a great place to meet existing customers, partners and prospects from the Middle East, Africa as well as some Asian countries. We've attended again as part of the Bavarian village.

This year we've put the focus on presenting our products and solutions for VOD content aggregation, publishing and presentation.

Such solutions are based on our Workflow System as well as existing Workflow Components plugIns to control 3rd party software engines.

NAB 2017 - the first time NAB with an own booth

NAB show is certainly the largest and the most trend setting tradeshow for the broadcast and media industry world-wide. Therfore exhibiting there is an honor and incredible chance to meet customers from all over the world. Interestingly we've mainly met with customers from Southern America, Africa, Asia and Australia. So we an conclude attending NAB show has worked out for us in reaching out to new markets. Our booth was part of the Bavarian village.

This year we've put the focus on presenting our products and solutions for post-production and broadcasting.

NAB2017 002

Such solutions are based on our Workflow System as well as existing Workflow Components plugIns to control 3rd party software engines.
Furthermore our ONE GUI was demonstrated for processing software and workflow monitoring.

NAB 2017 Gallery

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BVE 2017 - we did it again

BVE show 2017 in London was a great success for x-dream-media. The show is improving and growing from year to year. We've met new and existing customers. At the end of the first day we've been convinced this is a place to be again. This is as we've met some of our most important leads at last years BVE and it seems this is about to happen again.

At BVE we've focused on promoting our file based workflow automation products and integration services for post production facilities and broadcasters. We've shown some of our end2end solutions as well as surounding tools like MXF Ingester and OneGUI.

MXF Ingester is our server based tool to browse, preview, select, trim, stitch nearly any video file format. See MXF Browser, Stitcher and Re-Muxer. OneGUI is our generic monitoring AddOn to nearly every job-based media processing software in file-based production and publishing. It can be used to show the job list in transcoders, video standard converters, audio processors, re-wrappers or QC tools as well as workflow systems. See ONE GUI.

BVE 2017 Gallery

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