Ingest Browser and Stitcher


Very most often the business processes within the post-production chain do start with the ingest from modern storage media. This can be either disks like Sony's XDCAM or cards like Panasonic's P2. Alternatively source footage is delivered via Internet or on USB hard drives, sticks, DVD's, BluRays or what so ever and moved from here to a central storage. But not all material is relevant. A selection of and within video files is required. For a more practial file handling the relevant shots are desired to get concatenated before moving onwards within the workflow.

This is the are where x-dream-media's Ingest Browser plays. This product allows previewing professional video files within a web browser. Basic technical metadata of the files are displayed. The files can get trimmed and concatenated. Finally automatic processing actions are triggered by human operator. By default x-dream-media’s MXF Sticher and Re-Muxer is called. Alternatively a job can get started at x-dream-media’s Workflow Manager.

MXF Browser, Stitcher and Re-Muxer

In addition this product allows re-wrapping MXF video files from one MXF flavour into another. So it makes video files compatible with software that does not support a wide range of MXF flavours or just not a certain but required one.
Last but not least the re-wrapping can be used to correct error in the MXF container structure of sources without touching the correct audio and video essences.

Features and Usage