(08.08.17 Munich) x-dream-media proudly announce the release of a brand new product: SERVUS Node.

The SERVUS (latin: servant) product line targets various needs in baseband, as well as stream, ingest and playout. SERVUS Node is the very first product within this new product line. It's the engine that performs the signal and stream processing. Step by step we will release applications for specific purposes that will use SERVUS Node.

Some of the obvious and tested use cases are:

  • Live feed recording
  • Live stream recording
  • Tape ingest
  • Studio playout/play-in
  • Stream playout
  • Graphic overlaying
  • Format conversion
  • Stream switching

Please find more information at SERVUS Node - The video IO Servant product website.

ONE GUI is our generic monitoring AddOn to nearly every job-based media processing software in file-based production and publishing. It visualizes the status of jobs within the connected systems and allows to control their behaviour remotely via a standard Web-Browser. For more details please see our ONE GUI product page.

ONE GUI recently got a major enhancement by adding a statistics view that gives access to all job status information which was aggregated and cashed.

One GUI Statistic View

It offers statistics concerning:

  • # of jobs in total
  • # of completed vs. failed jobs
  • # of in time vs. delayed jobs

filtered by:

  • time intervall

sorted per:

  • connected system

displayed as:

  • pie diagram
  • bars diagram
  • lines diagram

For more details please see our ONE GUI product page.

(05.11.16 Munich) x-dream-media has recently developed a multi video file format player application. It supports nearly any most current as well as the legacy file formats. The developments roots are in troubleshooting encoding and transcoding problems. Thus the tools support a side-by-side view and external output via various SDI IO cards. Many other uses cases like playback for manual QC or emergency playout are possible.

Please find more information at our Multi Format Player product page.

(05.10.16 Munich - Tomsk) x-dream-media and Medialooks do annouce deepening their technology partnership. x-dream-media's various video playback applications are based in Medialooks technology since quite a while. From now on x-dream-media does distribute Medialooks SDKs and products in addition as well as support Medialooks developement and product customers in Europe.

  • MPlatform SDK - feature rich framework to creat video applications
  • MFormats SDK - frame-based video software development framework
  • Direct Show filters - decoding plugIn for video player software
  • Direct Take - synchronzied multi-camera ingest application

Please find more information here New: Medialooks SDKs and Products.

At this year's IBC x-dream-media will launch new products, will release new versions of existing products and will show new use cases for joint solutions.


NEW connector plugIns:

  • MOG speedrail
  • Interra Baton

New feature addOns:

  • SLA reporting
    Have you been asked by your customers or colleagues about the number of jobs that a processing software (e.g. transcoder) has performed last month? Have you been asked for the ratio of successful vs. failed jobs? Is someone interested in what processing system has been used most? Or is anyone interested in the waiting time of a job to start?
    This and more questions are answered by this new feature for ONE GUI. It prepares useful statistics for the data that was aggregated to build the monitoring view.
  • active failure notification
    The next feature on our roadmap is about actively notifying about job status changes. Such changes can be related to failures but could also just report about a job has been finished or started.

NEW: Multi Format Player

Our new Multi Format Player addresses the needs of video professionals to view a clip that should be given into a workflow or to be reviewed in a later stage of a workflow. This way it can be used in ingest scenarios, for manual QC, file selection, troubleshooting, file checks, etc. It allows frame accurate navigation within all kinds of modern and legacy file formats. It shows basic technical metadata, audio channels and outputs video at SDI cards. A specialty is its side-by-side view that is made for file comparisons. That way it's an excellent tool for video setting optimation.

Our MXF Ingester web application makes use of the same playback SDK. This is provided by our development partner Medialooks who will join us at IBC to show the newest technology remote for file playback.

WFM - Workflow Manager

Our Workflow Orchestrator and Manager can be used for optimation and automation as well as manual assisted workflows in production, postproduction, archiving, VOD preparation and file delivery.

One new area of usage is eDelivery of heavy size files to Digital Cinemas.

Please meet us at our booth A29 in hall 3 to get more insights or make contact by email.

On IBC 2015 we are launching our new generic monitoring AddOn to nearly every job-based media processing software in file-based production and publishing. It can be used to show the job list in transcoders, video standard converters, audio processors, re-wrappers or QC tools as well as workflow systems. It adds a GUI that can be accessed via a standard Web-Browser.

ONE GUI gives access to all information and controls that are relevant to the software operators. And it hides all options and controls that a user at his role level should not have access to. Different access levels based on a user/group/role definition can be configured. A login dialogue grants access and gives access to the options according to the user’s role. This said the processing farms “customers” for instance can be limited to watch the status while only operators can change priorities but just supervisors can stop and delete a job within the job list of a processing farm.

Furthermore ONE GUI allows connecting to various processing farms at the same point in time. For instance, it can be used as a central monitoring and operating interface to transcoding farms from different vendors. Backend PlugIns for the following processing and workflow products are available:

  • Harmonic Promedia WFS
  • Telestream Vantage
  • Capella Systems
  • Woody eNGINE *
  • Signiant Manager + Agents *
  • x-dream-media Workflow Solution *

* Q4/2015

For more details please see our ONE GUI product page.

How to play MXF using Windows Media Player or any other DirectShow capable Player on Windows 7/8/Server2003-1012:

Install the Codecs:

Download the 32bit Version of the LAVFilters DirectShow project (e.g. LAVFilters-0.6.3.x86.zip): https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases/

Unpack the contents of the .zip package to a static directory e.g. c:\Codecs.

Register at least the Splitter and Video decoder, by executing install_video.bat and install_splitter.bat.


After installing and registering above Filters, Windows Media Player should be able to open .mxf files, but it can happen that you see only black Video content.
This is caused by the built-in Microsoft Decoders, which are configured to be "preferred" Filters in the System.
So we have to configure DirectShow to prefer another Video decoder than the Microsoft one.

Download a tool for managing DirectShow codecs, e.g. Win7DSFilterTweaker_5.9.exe from here: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Preferred-Filter-Tweaker

Configure the Settings for your MediaType (e.g. MPEG2 for XDCAMHD MXF) to prefer the LAV Video decoder instead of the Microsoft one:

Directshow Filter configuration

In preparation to IBC 2014 we've re-launched our website at www.x-dream-media.com.

It got a more modern design and more flexible technical foundation. Based on this we will offer more frequently information about our products and services. In contrast to the earlier website it now offers new information about our pre-integrated solutions, recent projects and reference customers.


Via personalized logins we will offer the download of updated releases of our products and pre-integrated solutions packages.
A newsletter system will inform all our customers about such new releases.

Have fun when surfing on our side!
The x-dream-media team