2019 Broadcast Asia - with new partners in the German Pavillion

Following our success at Broadcast Asia 2018, we decided to bring our innovative products and services to it once again. Join x-dream-media GmbH in Singapore from 18-20 June 2019 at Broadcast Asia in the German Pavillion (4F10 - 4F20). 

x-dream-media and x-dream-distribution GmbH together present innovative ingest, social ingest and outgest solutions by Woody Technologies and transcoding, live broadcasting software by Capella Systems, MAM and PAM systems by Flow Works, playout and ingest solutions by Libero Systems, microservices toolkit for the broadcast industry by Squared Paper, artificial intelligence software by Metaliquid and a CDN solution by ModernTV. All the latest features that have been recently presented at NAB2019 will be available to all our visitors at Broadcast Asia in Singapore.

x-dream-media – software integrator

  • Signiant Managers + Agents and WFM - new connector to Huawei cDVR, Tectronix Aurora, Scrubber Mosaic Picture Generator, WebVTT Generator
  • Signiant Managers + Agents and WFM - improved connector component to Capella FTC to support token-based security and submitter-based user separation
  • OneGUI - improved connector PlugIn to Capella FTC to support token-based security and submitter-based user separation and newer versions of Telestream Vantage and MOG Speedrail
  • Ingest Browser - new storage Indexing based on storage event listening watch folder
  • MFP - improvements to playlist-based SDI-Playout, frame and field-based accurate positioning, settings management
  • SERVUS node - new Compliance Recording function

Watch x-dream-media interview at @BVE2019

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