Central Job Monitoring for Transcoder, Ingest, QC and File Transport Tools. 

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It can be used to show the job list in transcoders, video standard converters, audio processors, re-wrappers or QC tools as well as workflow systems. It adds a GUI that can be accessed via a standard web browser.

ONE GUI gives access to all information and controls that are relevant to the software operators. And it hides all options and controls that a user at his role level should not have access to. Different access levels based on a user/group/role definition can be configured. A login dialogue grants access and gives access to the options according to the user’s role. This said the processing farms “customers” for instance can be limited to watch the status while only operators can change priorities but just supervisors can stop and delete a job within the job list of a processing farm.

Works with different transcoding farms

Furthermore ONE GUI allows connecting to various processing farms at the same point in time. For instance, it can be used as a central monitoring and operating interface to transcoding farms from different vendors. Backend PlugIns for the following processing and workflow products are available:

  • Harmonic Promedia WFS
  • Telestream Vantage
  • Capella Systems FTC
  • Interra Baton
  • Signiant Manager + Agents
  • x-dream-media Workflow Solution


The search functionality allows filtering by job name, status, date, GUID, progress. Based on this ONE GUI allows making non-tenant systems multi-tenant. It splits views per customer based on backend filtering. It makes sure no information about any customer jobs is accessible by any other customer.

The machines view allows supervisors and administrators to monitor the machines and services status.

ONE GUI machines view

But it also visualizes the tasks that are executed by a certain service. That's why it's great for troubleshooting.

ONE GUI system select

Features and Usage

Factsheet Manual