Medialooks SDKs and Products

Medialooks offers the world’s most trusted tools for multimedia developers. Their SDKs save companies time and money, helping them deliver their products to markets faster. The products are used by dozens of companies and TV stations around the world.

  • MPlatform - feature rich framework to creat video applications
  • MFormats SDK - frame-based video software development framework
  • Direct Take - synchronzied multi-camera ingest application

 Supported platforms & development environments

 We currently support the Windows platform. All our software is written in C++. We make our components avai-
lable to developers in C#, VB6, VB.NET and Delphi by providing easy-to-read sample applications and tutorials.

Container Formats

Video Codecs

Audio Codecs

  For development consultancy services, license purchase and product support please do not hessitate to make contact with us.