Workflow Components

x-dream-media offers so called "Components" for Signiant's "Workflow Manager" and its own "Workflow System". This is as x-dream-media's "Workflow System" is OEMed from Signiant. But while the both products are usually used in different scenarios there is a high overlap in integration demands.

Please find below the list of our current set of Components for Signiant's "Workflow Manager" and x-dream-media's "Workflow System".

This list is continuously growing. We cannot name all current and future developments here but want to give an outlook hereafter.

  • Signiant Elemental Component
  • Signiant Digital Rapids Component
  • Signiant Wohler/RadiantGrid Component
  • Signiant Quales Video Quality Analysis Component
  • MAMs, PAMs, Archives, ...

In case your tool of choice is missing but you do have an integration need please let us know!