Signiant Minnetonka Audio Tools Server Component


Audio processing often suffers from a shadowy existence. Up to a certain degree transcoding software covers the needs in down mixing as well as volume and loudness correction. But for up mixing, compression, R128 loudness correction and further more sophisticated audio processing needs the use of additional specialized software is required. Also some audio coding algorithms like Dolby E decoding and encoding is not available in usual transcoding software.

Audio Tools Server Component

This Component for Signiant's Workflow Manager loops sub-workflows from Minnetonka's Audio Tools Server into file based production environments. That way partly or fully automated end-to-end file processing workflows can be set up without abandoning highest quality audio handling or functionality that other tools do not offer at all.

As the component drives Audio Tools Server's API any aspect in audio processing that is offered by Minnetonka's product line can be made use of an can be job individually orchestrated. In addition jobs can be controlled and monitored as well as processing status feedback can be reported back to the main workflow. This can drive further processing steps or force automatic decisions in the overlaying workflow.