Signiant MXF re-wrapper Component


This product is an Agent Component for Signiant’s Workflow Engine that integrates seamless. It adds a re-wrapper engine for MXF video formats to Signiant-based workflows. In addition it allows to concatenate source files. This said it’s a functional extension to the standard Signiant Workflow Engine.

This product allows to re-wrap MXF video files from one MXF flavour into another. So it makes video files compatible with software that does not support a wide range of MXF flavours or just not a certain but required one.

It’s stitching functionality can be used for instance to concatenate the individual shots from a physical camera storage media into just one MXF file. This simplifies the treatment of footage within filebased production and archiving environments.

Last but not least the re-wrapping can be used to correct error in the MXF container structure of sources without touching the correct audio and video essences.