Signiant Harmonic WFS Component Standard

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The Rhozet/Harmonic Carbon transcoder and today's farm software WFS are in post-production and the stream delivery with the most widely used products. The very broad base of supported formats, the many features from audio and video processing to subtitling and the large number of plug-ins make these products so attractive. As part of the WFS architecture HTTP segmenter, packagers and encrypter are available. Thus, the products are very flexible and often part of file-based video processing chains.

WFS Component

This Signiant Component is designed as a functional replacement for the legacy Signiant „CarbonCoder” Component. The Standard Version of this Component is able to create a Job on the Harmonic Workflow Controller for each input File in the Source Filelist.

The Component will wait until each job is finished while displaying the overall progress on Signiant Manager and/or Mediaexchange Interface. When all jobs are done, a Job Summary containing a list of Files that could not be processed on WFS Side can be found within the Signiant Job log.