RTP - Replacing a processing engine

RTP is a OmniBus OPUS heavy user. This system acts as MAM and Trafic System. As part of the end-2-end business process it has need for high volume transocding and subtitle processing. By an increased volume of file delivered content and the move from SD to HD production a need for upgrading the original transcoder was caused. This was desired to happen without changes to the existing OmniBus OPUS. As consequence an API translation approach was selected.


project details

  • attaching Harmonic WFS to Omnibus OPUS as replacement to Telestream FlipFactory
  • migrating transcoding processes from stand-alone Carbon Coders to WFS
  • adding a web based multi-tenant job monitoring GUI

project objectives

  • increased throughput
  • centralized transcoding facility
  • upgrade to more modern product
  • integration with surounding systems

used products

  • Apache Tomcat, MySQLAgents
  • Harmonic Carbon Coder
  • Telestream FlipFactory
  • OmniBus OPUS

our solution

API Translator - SOAP und REST Service zu Service Integration
Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon WFS WebGUI AddOn