VOD Ingest Platform

Our customer operates a centralized VOD ingest and preperation facility for its various entities throughout Europe. Content gets deliverd from various content partners via different file transportation methods to that facility. Here video, picture and metadata files are being aggregated and processed. Finally the prepared VOD content packages are made available to the endusers throughout Europe. x-dream-media's role within this project was implementing the end-2-end business process.


project details

  • workflows driven by XMLfiles
  • end-2-end workflow automation
  • integration with external metadata aggregator
  • integration with transcoding, QC, CDN and CMS
  • end-2-end monitoring data collection

project objectives

  • fully automatic VOD ingest processing
  • efficient high volume throughput
  • automatic metadata processing
  • automatic video quality assurance

used products

  • Signiant Managers & Agents
  • Harmonic Carbon Coder
  • Alcatel Lucent cDVR
  • Kaltura Backoffice
  • Vidchecker

our solution

Workflow System