Consulting Service

File based production and delivery is causing changes in technology, equipment and the own eco system build from such products. On the other hand it also results in radical changes in workflows what causes the need for new skill sets in planning, administration, operation and support. Adding automatisation allows offering complete new services but also forces radical changes in the company orientation and structures.

Keeping up to date in terms of services offered as well as technology and workflows used to do so is essential for any party in modern media industry. Selecting the right technology, building on the right products, realizing the most economic workflows while finding the right trade-off inbetween efficiency and complexity is the most critical challenge for this days.

x-dream-media offers business and technology consulting. Based on our experience we do know the most dangerous pitfalls and the ways around. Our generalists do help in focusing on the most economic service offerings and building the right company strucutres to drive your business. From there we break down to workflows and building bricks. At this stage our specialists are taking over to devine your eco system architecture, to select the right technology, the products to built it from and the right level and methods of integration.