Deployment Service

Modern file based production environments are complex organisms based on high performance hardware and various highly specialized software packages. But only the integration of such software forms the all over organism from all the building bricks.

Installing operating systems and standard software packages is the easy part. Configuring the basic storage, network and OS security domain layer requires basic knowledge, continuing training and some experience. But only after a proper IT foundation was layed out building up of the software eco system can start. A suitable partner for the standard IT part is key for success in later project phases.

In such phases all the standard, proprietary and custom made software needs to get integrated. Such work involves configuration and sometimes scripting or programing of the glue inbetween software. Obviously a deep understanding of your business processes, the underlaying technology and the selected products as well as the skills in professional software development is key to a deployment that results in the desired target ecosystem. x-dream-media offers a deployment team formed from generalists and specialists for the various topics.