Development Service

There are hundreds or even thousands of products for file based or stream production and delivery on the market. You should feel in paradise. And it's nothing more simple than doing a large shopping tour to gather all you need from the shelf. Unfortunately this is just half the truth. Something important is missing in this consideration: The true software integration.

In best case you are aware of this fact in an early project phase, probably already in the design phase. If so you or your main contractor can reach out to all involved parties to get the gaps closed. Unfortunately very most often the various vendors are focused on their products only that are build for a defined ecosystem only.

You are lucky in case your eco system follows such a stereotype. But to be honest very most often this will not be the case for very good reasons. At this point you need a strong partner with a comprehensive knowledge about technology, products incl. their APIs and business processes like yours. You need a partner like x-dream-media which has a strong team of specialists and has access to all required information.