Training Service

File based workflows in production or delivery are based on complex products. The technology and standards are getting more complex the more you move along the workflow chain. As a consequence architects, administrators, supervisors, operators and other system users do need the right level of knowledge according to their responsibilities.

For project planning and troubleshooting in production a deeper understanding of the underlaying technology and standards is extremely usefull. For system deployment and maintenance a solid knowledge about the architecture and the configuration of the products to put in place is a must. Working in a team without knowing the business processes and the tools used to live them is not possible. So training is the key to a successful and professional operational service.

x-dream-media offers training services on technology and standards as well as product configuration, operation and maintenance. Trainings are always modified according to the customers exact needs or are designed to the individual business case. Usually trainings do include a hands on part and thus are held at the customers offices or at a training facility close to the customer.