Workflow System

Automating production environments


The business processes in modern media production environments are based on file-based workflows. Already in the camera technical and sometimes descriptive metadata (eg geo data) are added to the video essences. During the ingest of such production products other descriptive metadata and exploitation rights are recognized. (see MUZI - Swiss Army knife of file based ingest).
Along the post-production chain, these sources are refined. So first an editorial review and selection, followed by cut, if necessary animation and graphics, sound and any subtitling. Finally a finished asset arises to broadcast "on air".
Either already parallel to the linear distribution or shortly thereafter the content is provided as CatchUpTV or Video On Demand in libraries. For the access to the materials on the so-called "second screen" or "multi-screen" more essences are required. The libraries offer the least a preview and a brief content description. Often there is a trailer, a storyboard, a long description and a lot of information about the provided clip available. Very important for suppliers and its suppliers are also exploitation rights and pricing models.
So called agregators are forming such asset packages. These are sometimes processed in turn by other service providers and oftne made available to multiple propagator. The latter, in turn, usually have several suppliers.

The business processes described begins in the studio and ultimately ends on the terminals of the viewers or users. At the beginning of the described process chain the focus is on the processing of video materials and towards the end outweighs the need for metadata aggregation and delivery. Basically it's always a file-based, automated, self-managing workflow.

x-dream-medias Workflow System

We consider media production environments to be process-oriented. Manual, fully or semi-automated processes are integrated via our workflow system. It provides the operators task-specific surfaces. It has connections to all relevant components within the production environment. These components are controlled, video essences and metadata are transferred between the units. There is a focus on ingest into production, post-production or content management systems, as well as archives, processing systems, non-linear publishing and delivery systems. Broadcast "onAir" is covered as well.

The strenght of our workflow system is given by its openens for connecting to any software within media IT environments and flexibility to execute any business logic required.