Capella Systems x265/HEVC codec PlugIn

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This PlugIn is designed as a coding enhancement for Capella Systems Cambria FTC. It adds the x265 codec for HEVC encoding. It is available for wrapping in MPEG Transport Streams and Elementary Streams, MP4, MOV as well as Adaptive Bitrate transcoding and packaging (MPEG DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming). This is achieved by deeply integrating the libx265.dll into the transcoding engine and the configuration user interfaces. As result this PlugIn shows up within FTC as any other standard codec.

x265 Exporter

The concept of this PlugIn is to act as a bridge between the libx265 codec and transcoding pipeline of Cambria FTC. This is achieved via FTC’s plugIn API that allows to add filters, codecs and wrappers to the standard product.

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