Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon Importer PlugIn

This PlugIn is designed as a demuxing/decoding enhancement for Harmonic’s (Rhozet) „Carbon Coder”. While Carbon reads many video file formats you’ve certainly faced the situation that Carbon refuses a certain type of formats. This problem is addressed by our importer plugin via a generic demuxing/decoding engine that reads nearly any known professional, semi-professional or consumer video file format. So far there are no files know that it can not make available for transcoding with Carbon.

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Supported Formats

This importer plugIn aims to support all formats (codecs and containers) that for instance FFMPEG would support. The most important are:

  • AVCHD in MXF (and other containers)
  • webm (any applicable codec)
  • mkv (any applicable codec)

Improvements to original Carbons importers

Furthermore it addresses certain bugs and weaknesses in Carbons original importers:

  • correct color space (especially for *.mov)
  • frame accurate for nearly any video file format
  • does potentially fix various hang and crash bugs (e.g. caused by internal scaler)
  • video preview and in/out points for formats where Carbon doesn’t support it ( e.g. *.ts)
  • much faster demuxing/decoding for certain formats, e.g. *.mov
  • potentially higher quality for up and downscaling#

Last but not least it allows to replace the Quicktime player as *.mov importer.

Features and Usage

Factsheet   Manual   Download