Harmonic (Rhozet) Carbon WFS WebGUI AddOn

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This product is an AddOn to Harmonic’s WFS transcoding farm management service. It adds a GUI that can be accessed either via a standard Web-Browser or via a Microsoft Windows Gadget that resides on the operators desktop.

It gives access to all information and controls that are relevant to transcoding farm operators. Different access levels based on a user/group/role definition can be configured. A login dialogue grands access and manages the right options to be available. This said “customers” to the transcoding farm can be limited to watching the status while only operators can change priorities but just supervisors can stop and delete a job within Harmonic’s ProMedia WFS.

WFS GUI jobs

New in generation 2 are the search functionality that allows to filter by job name, status, date, GUID, progress.

Also brand new is the machines view. It allows to monitor the machines and services status.

WFS GUI tasks

But it also visualizes the tasks that are executed by a certain service. That was it's a great to for troubleshooting.

WFS GUI services

Also new in version 2.3 and later is a hidden filter that allows service operators to offer access to their clients transcoding queues. The filter makes use of the fact that very most often watch folders are used to queue jobs and that such watch folders are named by customers name. This watch folder name gets part of the job within Harmonic's WFS and can be used as filter criteria. As result a service operators client can access his jobs only via a pre-filtered GUI.