Signiant AVGScan Component


Within the area of file based ingest, contribution, post production, archiving and delivery file formats are processed pretty often that potentially can include viruses. This applies especially to so called "consumer formats". In case such sources are not transcoded right away at the beginning of the processing chain viruses could make their way into the processing chain or even into the long term archive. A check with AVGs virus scanner can help here to ward off danger.

This Component for Signiants Workflow-Manger drives AVG's virus scanner for this purpose via its commandline interface. You will pass lists of files to be scanned to the Component. Successively it calls the scanner with the filename as a parameter. Here you can specify what should happen in case of a virus being found. Most often the file would be moved to a quarantine. In any case, the component provides the test result for further decisions on what to happen in the workflow and for reporting.