Signiant Snell Alchemist OD Component


The Snell Alchemist OD Software is the consequent continuation of the famous hardware Alchemist which is known for its processing quality. It offers highest quality in video standard conversion, de-interlacing and scaling by using Nvidias GPU computer hardware for a limited set of source and target formats. That way Alchemist OD allows to minimize quality losses especially in the areas of post production and archiving.

Alchemist OD Component

This Component for Signiant's Workflow Manger controls the Alchemist OD software via its API. Thusly jobs for standard conversion, de-interlacing and scaling in highest quality can be started, managed and monitored. By making use of the API job-individual different settings can be used. Also multiple Alchemist OD machines can be managed in parallel and scaling as well as redundant processing farms can be build.