ORF - XDCAM Robot Control

ORF uses Sony XDCAM HD cameras for daily reporting. After each use the storage media are ingested and then prepared for the next use. This is done by the staff of the central ingest desks. So far individual drives were operated manually. For an efficient design of the work processes a Sony XDJ-1000 Disk Library hardware was purchased. But unfortunately it has no user interface. It is a device which requires the integration into a workflow automation. This was created within this project and all relevant functions have been made available to the operators.


project details

  • Web-based user interface to control the Sony XDJ-1000 Disk Library hardware (DiskJuke, DiskRobot)
    • file selection and metadata collection
    • high volume and single file ingest
    • high volume and single disk ingest
    • disk copy
    • disk erase
  • Hand over to Media Asset Management

project objectives

  • increased productivity via unstaffed processing
  • securing the constant quality of provided storage media
  • integration with surrounding systems

used products

  • Sony XDJ-1000 Disk Library hardware (DiskJuke, DiskRobot)
  • Signiant Managers & Agents
  • Apache Tomcat, MySQL

our solution

XDCAM Roboter Control