Support Service

All parties do always appreciated when all your systems do what they are intended to do. The management does event forget that a solid technical foundation for the daily business is mandatory. The administrators are happy to look after nicely designed dashboards that are showing green lights only. The operators are doing their daily job and the supervisors are easily managing the foreseen exceptions. So far, so nice.

But suddenly the operators GUI throws errors only, the supervisor has no plan B for the current situation, the administrators are getting more and more red lights at the still nicely designed dashboard and the management earlier or later looses patience. And now? You do stay cool as there is no need for any panic as you have all your vendors support numbers, email adresses or contact forms at hand. In case you are lucky some hours later everything is back on track and all lights on the nicely designed dashboard are green again.

Come on, we all do know that this best case unfortunately does not come true that often. Realisticly every vendor looks after his products only and has good explanations at hand why his product does everything pretty well and definitvely as intended. And now? That's the point in time when you need a service partner that looks after all your ecosystem along the complete production chain. You do need a partner that does understand your business, your workflows, the underlying products and the technology. You do need a partner that acts in your interests. You do need a partner like x-dream-media.