VOD Preparation and Publishing end-2-end Solution

Why is VOD Publishing more than just transcoding and uploading?

To give an answer we need to question what the origin of the content to publish is and whether it is ready to be published. Based on the answer we do distinguish in fully automated content publishing and partly manual content aggregation + fully automated publishing. This article describes the fully automated end-2-end process starting with complete content packages to be processed and published . The following article describes the end-2-end process starting with the content aggregation VOD Content Aggregation and Publishing end-2-end Solution.

The VOD business process - more than just a publishing process

Publishing Solution Processing Workflow

Who are the product partners for our Ingest Solution?

Publishing Solution Product Partners

Alcatel: file delivery network
Harmonic: file transcoding
Kaltura: publishing CMS
Signiant: B2B accelerated file transfert
Vidchecker: quality control
x-dream-media: workflow management

How a network architecture can look like?

Publishing Solution Network Architecture WFM

How does the service architecture of our Ingest Solution do look like?

Publishing Solution Service Architecture WFM