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Player for Professional Video Formats incl. Playlist, SDI Output and Side-by-Side View.

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The Broadcast Player is a widely applicable tool in file-based environments. Due to its extremely powerful decoding engine, it can play the majority of SD and HD video formats and even various UHD formats. It supports camera, editing, archiving, video server, streaming and download formats. Thus it can be used for the ingest, for review purposes or for quality control.

The Broadcast Player is equipped with the usual player controls as well as single-frame stepping and looping. Furthermore, a frame-accurate seeking and playback of video files are possible. It also displays LTC and VITC timecode. A special highlight is the ability to output the video through professional interface cards as HD-SDI signal. Another highlight is the side-by-side view. This allows a direct comparison of two video files for instance on two monitors. Thus, the Multi-Format Player is ideal for video quality comparisons.


An overview on the Broadcast Player features:


  • Any file format playback
  • NDI, webRTC, SRT, RTMP, UDP, Social Media, web streaming live playback
  • GPU support
  • UHD support
  • HDR support
  • Professional controls
  • Professional timecodes
  • Professional audiometer
  • Playlist & looping support
  • Metadata display
  • Looped playback
  • Cliplist support
  • Screenshot creation
  • Side-by-side view
  • SDI, NDI, HDMI, webRTC output
  • Specifications

    The Broadcast Player system specifications:

    Hardware Requirements

    Entry level system

    • Intel 4 cores, 2,4 GHz CPU or similar
    • 8 GByte RAM
    • 512 GByte SSD
    • Nvidia Quadro P400
    • 1 Gbps Ethernet
    • USB 3 Connector
    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Google Chrome 

    Best value system

    • Intel 6 cores, 3.1 GHz CPU or similar
    • 16 GByte RAM
    • 512 GByte SSD
    • Nvidia Quadro P400
    • 1 Gbps Ethernet
    • USB 3 Connector
    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Google Chrome

    Broadcast Player plays any file you have!

    There is nearly no file format that Broadcast Player does not support. You might find gaps when loading raw camera formats. Please inform us when you experience wrong HDR color interpretation.

    Supported VidEO IO Cards

    • BlackMagic - DeckLink
    • AJA - Corvid
    • BlueFish - Epoch
    • Deltacast - Delta
    • Streamlabs
    • Magewell - Pro Capture

    All Broadcast Player related documentation:

    Broadcast Player Tutorials by x-dream


    • Broadcast Player installation guide (TBA)
    • Broadcast Player User guide (TBA)

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